Tools and techniques

Business Ethics Canvas

    Crafted by:
  • Richard Vidgen

There are undoubted benefits to algorithmic decision-making in general, and artificial intelligence (AI) in particular. The potential for harm – intended or unintended – arising from algorithmic decision-making indicates that an ethical dimension is needed when we engage in anal…

Consequence Scanning Agile Kit

    Crafted by:
  • Open Data Institute

A timely new business practice; Consequence Scanning fits alongside other agile practices in an iterative development cycle. This is a dedicated time and process for considering the potential consequences of what you’re creating

Data Ethics Canvas

    Crafted by:
  • Open Data Institute

The Data Ethics Canvas is a tool for anyone who collects, shares or uses data. It helps identify and manage ethical issues – at the start of a project that uses data, and throughout. It encourages you to ask important questions about projects that use data, and reflect on the…

Dataopolis Board Game

    Crafted by:
  • Open Data Institute

Datopolis is a board game about building things – services, websites, devices, apps, research – using closed and open data. It was designed and developed by Ellen Broad and Jeni Tennison at the Open Data Institute It’s set in a town called Sheridan, which is gradually declini…

Data Trust by Design Playbook 2019

    Crafted by:
  • Greater Than Experience

The Data Trust by Design playbook is part of a toolkit that helps teams and organisations to systematically design for trust in data enabled products and services.

Deon Command Line Tool

    Crafted by:
  • Driven Data

deon is a command line tool that allows you to easily add an ethics checklist to your data science projects. We support creating a new, standalone checklist file or appending a checklist to an existing analysis in many common formats. The conversation about ethics in data scienc…

Envisioning Cards

    Crafted by:
  • Value Sensitive Design Lab

Based on nearly two decades of work in Value Sensitive Design, the Envisioning Cards are designed to evoke consideration and discussion of such concerns within the context of design practice. Designers often focus on the immediate context of use: how will a product be used by…

Ethical Litmus Test

    Crafted by:
  • Debias.Ai

A card deck inspired by The Good Place, Oblique strategies, by Brian Eno, and a potent cocktail of feelings about the State of TechTM. The Ethics Litmus test was created to be accessible, beautiful, easy- to- use- tool which helps us move from an uncomfortable feeing to action. …

Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit

    Crafted by:
  • Flourishing enterprise Co-lab

The Flourishing Business Toolkit introduces the new paradigm of “sustainability as flourishing” expressed as a normative goal and desirable outcome. The Flourishing Business Canvas provides a common language for describing and designing enterprises with a diverse range of sta…

IDEO Blind Spots Check

    Crafted by:
  • IDEO

The IDEO team came up with an original design, iterated on them, and landed on a set of four design principles and ten activities that can help guide an ethically responsible, culturally considerate, and humanistic approach to designing with data. These activities are meant to p…

Non Human Personas

    Crafted by:

Non-human and non-user personas represent the animals, environments, and ‘invisible’ humans (factory workers, miners, farmers, communities, etc.) impacted by product lifecycles so that we may design to protect and respect them. Non-human personas may include: - Threats to …

Pledge Works

A practical tool that invites you to write pledges for better outcomes as part of your existing product development processes. This modular and adaptable tool supports responsible design and development in different contexts.